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Web and Mobile Content

With the proliferation of mobile devices, tablets, websites, content destined to be translated is growing exponentially.

It is estimated that by 2018, Internet traffic will be 64 times higher than it was in 2005.

Other interesting data which encourage to use a translation agency specialized in renting website:

The number of connected devices will be twice the world population in 2018 which makes an average of 3 devices per person in 2013 against 2 devices.

The video content will also explode: the video content is about 66% of the content on the internet. It should represent about 80% in 2018!

It is in Africa and the Middle East that internet traffic's fastest growth.

Aware of these issues and intervening daily on these aspects, Good Speaker LTD has a Web cluster to offer much more than translation.

Our web division's experts have a perfect knowledge of the tools available for the development of translation and multilingual management on your site, regardless of the CMS or Framework used.

Our web specialists and technical experts guarantee you advice and personalized support for your localization project to optimize your sites and applications for targeted countries.

Not content to offer you translation solutions optimized for SEO, we also offer comprehensive audits and multilingual SEO Morningstars LTD accompaniment with our partner.

Translate your website, it is multiply the exposure of your company, your products and services.

Here are some ideas on target as you can reach, depending on the language you offer:

  • French: 336 million
  • Chinese: 1200000000
  • Spanish: 500 000 000
  • English: 350-1500 million
  • Arabic: 440 million
  • Hindi: 300000000
  • Russian: 300 million
  • Portuguese: 240 million
  • Bengali: 215 million
  • German: 175 millions
  • Japanese: 132 million