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Numerous meetings with participants from around the world, are held weekly in our country.

Simultaneous interpretation allows everyone to speak their language and understand the actions of all, accurately and without waste of time.

On a technical level, simultaneous translation requires the intervention of specialized technicians, ensuring the establishment and operation of several elements, the main ones:

One or more interpretation booths, soundproofed and can accommodate 2 or 3 interpreters.

A transmission system in connection with the rental will usually wireless-based transmission technology by infrared waves.

A set of individual receivers for each participant to hear the proceedings in the language.

Good Speaker LTD has interpretive material that can provide unlock feature languages ​​simultaneously translated to several thousand participants.

Simultaneous translation can be achieved through several systems:


Through a number of delegate and chairman microphone type, offering the possibility of listening from 12 to 32 different languages ​​simultaneously translated.

By Infrared Emission

The most commonly used method at present. Allows easily broadcast to a large number of participants with a wireless installation. Each participant receives an individual receiver by which it can capture up to 32 languages ​​simultaneously translated.

HF digital issue

We offer compact bags of type "Infoport" or "Tour Guide" Sennheiser suitable for mobile applications or meetings requiring translation simultaneously for a limited number of participants. This compact and portable solution contains a wireless microphone for the (s) translator (s), 20 individual stethoscopes are 8 channels for participants. All contained in a carrying case also serving charger.