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The interpretation is to render orally a speech in another language. Very different from the translation, interpreting - sometimes called interpretation - is a full-time job.

When speaking interpreter, particularly in Europe, we often think of interpreters in Brussels, working in the cabin for the European Parliament, the European Commission and other EU institutions.

In practice, the interpretation can take various forms, to suit the best your needs and intercultural context: conference or seminar, business meeting, negotiation, etc.

Good Speaker Ltd. offers a comprehensive service that covers all fields of interpreting:

  • The board of the type of interpretation best suited: simultaneous, consecutive or whispered.
  • The establishment of appropriate equipment (booths, infrared or RF system, sound system, etc.).
  • The translation of preparatory documents.
  • The construction, performed by performers carefully selected depending on the topic discussed.
  • The real-time transcription interventions or delayed their synthesis, and their translation.

Good Speaker Ltd. offers 4 modes to meet all your needs:

Simultaneous interpretation

It is carried out in real time: the interpreter translates as and extent about the speaker dansla language listeners. No extension of the duration of the meeting then. Just install the appropriate technical equipment (fixed or mobile cabin, individual headsets).

Consecutive interpretation

In this case, the interpreter takes notes while the speaker speaks, and then succeeded him to synthesize his remarks to the audience in their language. No equipment is necessary but meetings that last longer.

The whispered interpretation

It is a variant of simultaneous interpretation for two people and a maximum duration unecourte. The interpreter listens to the words of the speaker and translates to "ear" of the person he addresses Aqui.

Liaison interpreting

The interpreter moves to the middle of the participants and translated aloud or using a light mobile equipment, about the different speakers. This is an ideal method for site visits.

Depending on the number of participants, the number of languages ​​and configuration of the place, Good Speaker LTD direct you to the best mode for your needs.

Whatever your need, our agency will offer you the most suitable method of interpretation.

You organize an international conference welcomes speakers speaking several different languages? We set up a multilingual team of simultaneous interpretation (booth) to enable all participants to understand all the remarks and nuances of speech.

If you are preparing a meeting which involved a foreign language speaker, we will advise instead consecutive interpretation. In this case, the interpreter takes notes during the speech of the speaker, then returns his words in another language after a few minutes.

For a business meeting with your foreign partners, we offer you a pair of professional interpreters to provide liaison interpreting. Particularly suitable for meetings or business travel, this performance technique provides flexibility and allows the flow of trade with international partners.

Confidentiality: all our interpreters are bound by professional secrecy. We consider strictly confidential information of any kind that are given to us for the realization of / project (s) language (s) given (s) and that, whatever the form or medium (paper, drawings, supports IT, etc.) used for your interpreting assignment.