The communication conveys the image of a company. In the medical-pharmaceutical sector, accuracy and reliability are vital at all levels. There goes the company's success, reputation of doctors and the health of patients. That's why Good Speaker agrees to all its customers to provide them with translation work pharmaceutical, medical and scientific excellence.

Besides the translation services and interpretation, Good Speaker also supports the overall layout of translations entrusted to it, using the most suitable IT tools in the current communication and constantly adapting its means hardware and software, to better respond to your requests for medical translations in different languages.

Medical translation is very attached to the quality of the translations done. Thus, all the translators who work with the medical translation are specialists in their field. They always work into their mother tongue. Their medical translations of texts are reviewed by linguists, working also in their mother tongue, to guarantee the faithful and accurate translations.

Our medical translation company operates in various fields of translation and interpretation:

Annexes I, II and III (RCP, notices, labels) in 23 languages ​​(EMA templates)
Brochures of information provided to our patients by our medical translation agency
Notebooks patients
Hospital and medical reports in French and English
Conventions hospital, research contracts and data exchange
Pharmacovigilance Documents
Dossiers of marketing authorization, toxicity studies, medical marketing studies
Product data sheets, user manuals, medical devices, POS
Protocols, synopsis, amendments
Publications, TAP, abstracts, posters
Reports of medical reports for insurance companies provided by our medical translation agency
Inspection reports
All administrative and legal documents.