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Our policy

Professional Conduct: Our employees strive to be polite and courteous, discreet but firm and dignified; explaining their role to clients, they encouraging them to talk directly. They do not allow anything to harm or affect their work or cause a conflict of interest. They refuse gifts and gratuities explaining to customers that could accept the compromise their professional integrity. They are punctual and ready for their missions

Privacy: Our employees do not disclose information acquired during their missions.

Competence: Our employees perform tasks for which they have the skills in languages ​​for which they are accredited and recognized.

Impartiality: Our employees maintain their impartiality in all their professional commitments.

Accuracy: Our employees take all reasonable precautions to be precise relaying correctly and fully all that exchange between the parties at a meeting: including derogatory or vulgar remarks and nonverbal cues; not altering anything, neither adding nor omitting nothing; recognizing and quickly remedying the mistakes so that the speech is clearly heard and understood by all present.

Adjustment: Our employees are responsible for the quality of their work, whether employed as a freelance or other translation and interpretation agencies or other employers.

Professional development: Our employees continue to develop their knowledge and professional skills.

Professional solidarity: Our employees demonstrate respect and support for their colleagues.

Social responsibility: Our company is very committed to the community to which we belong. Good Speaker LTD applies and promotes high standards of social responsibility in business. We understand that the success of our business depends on the development, review and implementation of key policies, including the growth of the environment, employment and the community. In addition, we consider and manage the impact of our activities on key stakeholder groups. Our investment in our communities is very rewarding.