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The language services related to website translation are now unavoidable.

Became the vehicle for communication # 1 for your business, your website is now the main gateway borrow your customers to discover your products or services. Your site should highlight your history, your skills, your philosophy, in short the essence of the values ​​you wish to convey.

Aware of these issues and intervening daily on these aspects, Good Speaker LTD has a Web cluster composed of Web project managers, technical experts and SEO experts to offer much more than translation.

The internationalization website and Mobile application

Internationalization, also called "i8n" in computer jargon, is primarily technical expertise and preparing for the development of a multilingual web or mobile site..

So our internationalization services break down into several steps:
Consulting / audit of existing and technology watch
Technical inventory of your site elements
SEO constraints
Processing Multimedia elements
Possible integration of translations within your management interface.
Proofreading BAT on your Beta.

Our experts in internationalization work in partnership with our technical files for compliance work and respect for the source code with our translators and terminologists in the translation / adaptation of texts and with our SEO experts who ensure the optimization SEO content.
Our specialized teams have perfect knowledge of the tools available for the creation and management of multilingual on your site, regardless of the CMS used.

The work on the basis of export files has the following advantages:
Using Assisted Translation Tools Computer
Translation Memory Management: ensures consistency in terminology over time
Management of repetitions: to save time in processing repetitions and can reduce the cost of the overall delivery
Does not require assistance from translators to the handling of the administration interface.

Translation from the back office can be considered as part of site updates, but during the complete translation of a website translation of an extraction of the database is a more effective solution.

Due to a shortened running time and the use of CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation), translation of an export file shorter mobilizes the resources allocated to the project and thus reduces the cost of intervention.

Moreover, this method is usually the integration of translations via simple import procedure, which represents a significant time savings.

The website localization

Regionalization (or location or L8N) is the adaptation of software to a language and a culture.

Internationalization must take place before regionalization, as your software or website, must be ready if possible technically to the translation of content, before we think the precise adaptation to a target country.
Having a multilingual digital presence, not just translate a website.
"Translate" a site is primarily an adaptation of content issue by:

the target market in general
culture of the country (eg the word "alcohol" for the Arabic market)
cultural habits
the design in terms of preferences and color (warm color or cold?)
the reading direction
sensitivities and nuances of the country (eg the German distrust forms and telephone numbers 08/06, etc.)
of the point type
the numbers of representation
the format of the date and time
monetary units
the default encoding
any other locale

In theory, regionalization should be provided from the design of the website, and be part of the specifications.
Good Speaker LTD accompanies you in this complex process of localization, to successful deployment abroad.

Optimization Multilingual SEO

Good Speaker LTD has SEO experts to offer you all the services you need to understand, analyze, translate and optimize your multilingual websites.

Optimized Translation

With the help of recognized tools, we perform keyword analysis and realize your content SEO oriented translations.
The translations are then analyzed to offer you the best translations or combinations of Expressions in terms of their potential search volume and competition in their chosen language.
We can also perform a keyword audit, allowing to list the best keywords translated into the language of origin, carefully selected by translators and sorted by monthly search volume in Google.

International Competitive Analysis

Nous proposons également des audits comparatifs vis-à-vis des concurrents pour une langue et un pays donné. Les analyses permettent de connaître les mots clés visés par vos concurrents ainsi qu’une estimation de leur trafic passé et présent.
Ces analyses sont indépendantes de la traduction, mais les chefs de projet natifs et les experts en référencement vous aident à mieux comprendre le marché et la concurrence de votre secteur dans le pays ciblé.

SEO Audit

We carry comprehensive SEO audits, technical, syntactic and containing specific SEO recommendations and lists of argumentative actions.
We are able to get in touch with your technicians to discuss the feasibility of corrections.
We also offer customized SEO recommendations, service differs from an audit by the fact that we list the best practices to follow, depending on your site, your industry, your CMS and the country for which you intend it.

SEO long-term support

More than a one-time audit, it is probably more often helpful to assist you in time for your SEO, whether French or foreign language.
Offers for this accompanying formulas customized SEO because we are also able to help you by regular mini-audits and updated recommendations.
We propose in this multilingual SEO coaching regular progress points to help control the cost of your SEO budget.